What is Crayola Dream-Makers?

Crayola Dream-Makers® is a series of standards-based supplemental curriculum resources that contain lesson plans for educators teaching kindergarten through 6th grade. Each guide uses visual art lessons to stimulate critical thinking and problem-solving for individual subject areas such as math, language arts, science, and social studies. Students demonstrate and strengthen their knowledge while engaging in creative, fun, hands-on learning processes.

How can they help?


Studies show that participation in the arts aids brain development and helps children learn math, reading, science and other curricular subjects more effectively. With enhanced and expanded Crayola Dream-Makers, you can be confident your students will learn to formulate ideas, solve problems and think for themselves through fun and exciting visual learning experiences.

Below are the complete Dream-Makers PDF booklets. See Dream-Makers Sample Lessons to download an excerpt.

Early Childhood

Age-appropriate, hands-on, creative explorations for ages infant to 5 years.

104 Page Booklet

Grades K-6

Building fun and creativity into standards-based learning.

Elements of Art

Language Arts

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Art Design

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Social Studies

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After School Program

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